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Dear Colleagues!

The editorial board of the Scholarly Notes of Komsomolsk-na-Amure State Technical University welcomes all researchers to submit their scientific papers on the problems of engineering, natural sciences, exact sciences, cultural, social and anthropological studies.

Today KNASTU offers 103 major programs of higher professional education (combined into 21 enlarged groups) including: 35 Bachelor's programs, 17 Master's programs, 51 programs for certified professionals; in addition to this we offer 31 programs of postgraduate education (PhD and Doctorate), 19 programs of vocational training in blue-collar occupations, programs of extended education and occupational retraining for graduated professionals, programs of general secondary education for children (the KNASTU's Lyceum, forms 9 – 11). Our enrollment is 12 000 students; 233 persons out of our faculty have a PhD and 45 have a Sc.D. degree. At the premises of the University we have 5 dissertation boards for PhD and Doctoral degrees in 9 academic disciplines. Among our subdivisions there are: a techno park,  a regional innovative educational&research centre for power efficiency problems, an innovation technology centre, a mathematical modeling centre, a centre for social economic and humanitarian projects, and other research subdivisions.  The University has established successful partnerships in many different areas, including research&development, with such production giants as Yuri Gagarin Aviation Plant, the Amur Shipbuilding Plant, the AmurMetall metallurgic works, and other enterprises.

Our research potential can not develop without our own scientific periodical publication where we could present the results of our research and innovation activities, attract colleagues' interest to research or engineering ideas, unite everybody interested in relevant scientific problems and facilitate consolidation of research practices per se. However, while launching the Scholarly Notes of KNASTU we hope that the journal not only the University and its activities. KNASTU is only a part of Russia's and Far-Eastern scientific life. We are eager to have researchers from the Far-Eastern region and from Russia in general to respond to our call and take an active part in contributing to the journal's content and its scientific integrity. I would like to address my message to young scientists specifically. Junior researchers, faculty members, MA students, PhD and Doctoral candidates! Today Russian science stands not so high as it used to in the Soviet times or as it is the case in economically developed Western countries, but we should not forget that achievements of our predecessors and current partners demonstrate that modern economy and society are unconceivable without research and science. I am sure that Russian science will regain its stature in the nearest future. How quickly this will happen – depends on us. You are welcome to publish your papers, research data, new ideas etc. on the pages of the journal, free of charge.

You can find submission guidelines on our two web-sites: and The journal appears in printed and electronic form as two series: "Engineering and Natural Sciences", and "Humanities, Social and Cultural Sciences". Each series is issued quarterly. The engineering&technical series includes the following sections: Aviation, Rocket&Space Technology; Power Engineering; Management, Information Technology and Computers; Mathematics and Mechanics; Mechanical Engineering; Metallurgy and Materials Technology; Fleet and Shipbuilding; Earth Sciences; Construction and Architecture. The humanities and social/cultural series includes the following sections: Philosophy, Sociology and Cultural Studies; Philology and Arts Studies; Psychology and Pedagogy; Political Science and Law; History; Economics. All our requirements for papers submission are based on recommendations provided by modern publishers, designers and the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation. The journal is registered with the International ISSN Center (Paris) and entered into the Russian National Citation Index for Scientific Materials (RINZ); all papers and materials submitted for publication are peer-reviewed. You can also subscribe to the Journal in all offices of the Russian Post (Pochta Rossii); it is included in the Russian Post's catalogue and in the registry of the "Rospechat" Agency. Hoping to see your scientific papers in our journal and have you as readers of our publications!

Editor-in-chief of the Scholarly Notes of KNASTU,
Rector of the Komsomolsk-na-Amure State Technical University,
Doctor of Engineering, Professor,
Anatoly M. Shpilev


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